Your foreign and domestic vehicle is an expensive investment. When it comes to it's mechanical repairs, our technicians have been trained to correct the problems quickly and efficiently. We will first diagnose the problems. offer and estimate, and finally repair your vehicle with the highest quality possible.

With the expert services offered by us, you can be sure when you leave our shop, you won't be returning for the same problem again and again.

We want to keep you as a customer, and know the way to do this is by giving you outstanding and friendly service at the most reasonable prices. We offer complete mechanical services. Our experienced technicians use state of the art equipment and we are know for excellent service.

Stratford Auto has ASE technicians to service your vehicle needs from major repairs to general upkeep. To keep your manufacture warranty in place come to us for your 30K, 60k, 100K service and regular oil changes as well as a number of other services.

Fuelin’ Around is 30 minutes of questions, answers and more. This half hour automobile call-in show drives in whatever direction you steer it. Ask questions about remote starters, engine oil and even those mysterious noises.

Fuelin’ Around answers them all.

Tune in, and speak with auto expert James Perrot. No question is silly! Well some are, but we’ll answer them for you anyway!

Call Toll Free - 1-877-788-5999
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